Sterile Bulk Drugs Machineries  
  • Sterilise in place Reactors / Crystallisers
  • Sterile Drum Blender
  • Sterile Vertical Granulator
  • Sterile Nutsche  Filter
  • S.I.P.   Vacuum  Tray Dryer
  • Sterile  Containers, Vessels
  • Stainless steel accessories for GMP

  Non Sterile Bulk Drugs Machineries  
  • Reactors
  • Heat Exchangers/ Condensers
  • Storage Vessels
  • Filters ( Nutsche, Sparkler, Candle)                     
  • Powder Processing Equipment i.e.
  • Sifters
  • Multimill
  • Blenders ( Ribbon, Octagonal, Drum etc. )  
  • Wet Cake Bins
  • Tray Dryers
  • Vacuum Tray Dryers
  • Rotocone Vacuum Dryers
  • FBD Bowl Tipper
  • Bin Loaders
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Pneumatic Transfer
  • Weighing and Packaging

  Oinment Section Machineries  
  • Planetary Mixers ( Steam Jacketed, Vacuum Operation, In-built Emulsifier )

  • Colloidal Mill

  • Multiple Entry Shaft Mixers ( Fryma Mixers )

  • Tube Filling Machine

  • Tube Crimping machine

  • Ointment storage Vessels

  • Wax/Water Phase Vessels

  • In tank / In-line Homogenizers

  • Transfer Pumps ( Lobe, Reciprocating )

  • Transfer Piping ( with pigging arrangement )


  Liquid Orals Section Machineries  
  • Sugar Syrup Preparation Vessel

  • Manufacturing Vessel

  • Storage Vessel, agitated

  • Buffer tanks for Filling Machines

  • Portable Agitator

  • Sparkler filter(Conventional & Zero holdup)

  • Storage Vessel (Horizontal & Vertical) upto 20 KL

  • Transfer Pumps ( Centrifugal, Lobe, Gear, Reciprocating)

  • Bulk handling system for Sorbitol

  • D.M.Water Storage Tanks

  • Sanitary Electropolished Product Piping with Triclover / DIN / SMS Connections

  • Packing Conveyors


  Tablet Section Machineries  
  • Paste Kettle

  • Vibrosifter ( 20 inch., 30 inch., 42 inch., 48 inch.)

  • Multimill / Communiting Mill / Vertical Granulator / Oscillating Granulator

  • Mass Mixers / Planetary Mixer / Rapid Mixer Granulator.

  • Fluid Bed Granulators / Dryers / Fluid Bed Coaters.

  • Blenders ( Double Cone, Octagonal, Y-type, Ribbon, Drum blender, Bin blender, Cube blender etc. )

  • Mobile Loaders / IPC Loaders / Scissor Lifts

  • FBD Bowl Lifting & Tilting Machine

  • Tablet Deduster

  • Coating Pan ( upto 72 inch. dia. )

  • Automatic Coating System for Tablets and Granules ( AUTOCOATER ) with PLC based Controller..

  • Tray Dryer ( upto 192 trays with trolley )

  • Pneumatic transfer system for powder & granules

  • Dust Extractors

  • Packing Conveyors

  • D.M. Water Storage Tanks

  • Accessories ( IPC Bin, Scoop, Spatula, Die-Punch cabinet, Sieve stand,Powder sampler etc,etc.)

  • Venturi Scrubbers


  I.V. Infusioninjectable Section Machines  
  • Automatic Plastic Container Filling & Sealing Machine.

  • Automatic rotary bottle washing machine

  • Multicolumn Distillation Plant.

  • Distilled Water Plants including Storage Tanks.

  • Vial Filling Machines.

  • Bung Washing machines.

  • Hot Air Sterilizers.

  • Bubble & Sterility Test Apparatus.

  • Steam Sterilizer / Autoclave.

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Membrane Filter Holders.

  • Turn Table.


  Vertical Multi Mills  

Vertical Multi Mills is a self contained portable unit useful for high speed GRANULATING, PULVERISING, MIXING, SHREDDING AND CHOPPING, etc., of a wide range of wet and dry materials without special attachments.

As compared to the four common principles of size reduction i.e. grinding, compression, impact and shearing, which often do not produce controlled size reduction, this machine utilises the principle of variable force swing hammer blades having both knife and impact edges rotating with a carefully selected screen to control size reduction.

Flow path of material in vertical rotor machine is streamlined. During comminution, material entering the chamber travels to the periphery and passes through the screen tangentially and radially, avoiding chocking and temperature rise.


  Vacuum Tray Dryer Pilot Plant  

Vacuum Tray Dryer Pilot Plant are used where heating and drying are essential parts of manufacturing process in industries such as Chemicals, Dye stuff, Pharmaceutical, Food Products, Colors etc. Vacuum Tray Dryer Pilot Plant is suitable for drying of thermal sensitive material easily deteriorated under higher Temperature. It eliminates configuration damage of the drying materials


  Vacuum Tray Dryer 96 Trays  

Vacuum Tray Dryers are used mainly for drying of high grade, temperature and oxygen sensitive products. Highly suitable for drying hygroscopic substances, which are dried to very low residual moisture, content level. Frequently vacuum drying cabinets are the sole possibility for drying lumpy, glutinous products or products of low pomposity.

Standard models range from 6,12,24,48 to 96 trays.


  Vacuum Tray Dryer 36 Tray  

Features of Vacuum Tray Dryer :

All contact parts are made out of SS304 / SS316 / SS316L quality material in GMP models and mild steel externals with stainless steel internals in standard model
Hollow pad type heating shelves which are easily removable for maintenance
Condenser and condensate receiver fixed on the dryer body or stand alone for remote installation\
Full welded skirt on vacuum dryer body for flush mounting through the wall.
External fluid heating of dryer with protective panels in stainless steel or mild steel powder coated


  V Blender  

The "V" Blender is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing and lubrication process of dry powders homogeneously. Approximate two third of the volume of the Blenders filled to ensure proper mixing. The "V" Blender gives best result for powders due to suitable medium speed and "V" shape of container. It can be used for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic products etc.


  Tray Dryer Vertical Model  

We are offering Tray Dryer Vertical Model. Models available 6,12,24,48,96,& 192 traysdouble wall constructionrigid s.s.frameworkglasswool insulatedsteam for uniform dryingmoc s.s. 304/316/316lsophisticated control panel with on / off push buttons, indications lamps.


  Sterile Double Cone Blender  

We offer Sterile Double Cone Blender. The Sterile Double Cone Blender is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously.


  Rotocone Vacuum Dryer  

We are proud to present a superiorly-efficient range of Rotocone Vacuum Dryers. Our rotocone vacuum dryers are world widely cherished for their exceptional workability.


  Portable Stirrer  

We offer Portable Stirrers in the market. Portable stirrers are versatile mixers which are used for mixing of less quantities of liquid at low speed.


  Octagonal Blender  

Manufactured from good quality raw materials, the industrial octagonal blender are used in assortment of industrial applications. This octagonal blender is available in varied specifications as per the demands of our client.


  Mass Mixers  

We provide high tech Mass Mixer that is widely used in various industries to mix a wide variety of materials. We are well reckoned as one of the key Industrial Mass Mixer Manufacturers and suppliers based in India.


  Fluid Bed Dryer Pilot Plants  

The Fluid Bed Dryer have a bed of solid particles which are fluidized by passing a stream of air upward through a specially designed perforated sheet. The upward velocity of air is so maintained so as to slightly lift the solid particles and set them in motion. This motion can be utilized to bring about mixing as well as forward movement of the solids particles. The air is heated and the process hot air evaporates the fluid and dries the solids. Fines get agglomerated to larger granules particles thus providing large size


  Filter Press  

We are offering filter press we are a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of filter press from india. Our filter press is well-acclaimed for its high efficiency and durability. This filter press is available in various size.


  Double Cone Blender  

Low maintenance, durability and easy operation of Ss double cone blender make them highly demanded. This double cone blender is ruggedly structured and is used in vast number of industrial purposes.



Backed by competent personnel, we manufacture and offer a comprehensive range of conveyor systems that encompasses roller conveyor, conveyor chain, Chain Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Belt Conveyors, Redler Chain Conveyor, Sprocket wheel (roller chain),  more. Our range of conveyor systems is widely appreciated for their trouble free operation and efficiency


  24 Tray Dryer  

24 Tray Dryer is specially designed for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Chemicals, Paints, Textiles & other industries. It is well accepted for economical drying of granules, powder , food material & chemicals.


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