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Electro Hydraulic Thrustor

"EMC" Electro Hydraulic Thrustor is robust and dependable, possessing the stamina needed for the toughest duty conditions imposed by unattended drives in any industry. Because of its extra-ordinary versatility it has wide applications in electrically driven Hoists, Cranes Elevators, Ropeways, Flap Valves Guillotine Machines, Conveyors, Steel Mills, etc.

The "EMC" Electro Hydraulic Thrustor consists of a cylinder filled with oil containing the centrifugal pump located at the bottom and the electric motor assembled on the top cover. The rotor shaft of the motor is extended vertically downwards into the cylinder and carries an impeller at its lower end. The top bearing of the motors are grease lubricated and the bottom bearing is splash lubricated from oil in the tank.

When the motor drives the impeller, it pumps the oil from the upper to the lower side of the piston. In model 50-2018 Thrustor, the whole motor and assembly move up during power stroke. Inall other models inside the cylinder, above the impeller is a piston with thrust rods connected by a cross bar which delivers the useful thrust. When the power to the motor is switched off, the impeller stops. Oil flows in the reverse direction through the stationary impeller and the load force the piston down.

"EMC" Electro Hydraulic Thrustors deliver gentle thrust without any jerks, consuming very negligible power. It is rated for 100% continuous duty and can withstand many switching operations without over heating the motor. They can be fitted up to 100 from the vertical in either direction due to swivel mounting arrangement.


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