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Ced Accessories


Circular Anode Membrane Cells

We Supply Amfor flushable anode Cell used in electro coating (ED) paint system with most types of paint. It serves as the opposition electrode and simultaneously removes solubilizer (usually a common organic acid) from the paint to maintain chemical balance. Anode cell’s  anolyte injection systems distribute the anolyte evenly across the anodes in anocel box and semi-circular. And the delivery system in Anocel tubular cells increases dirt and oxygen removal by a minimum factor of three over conventional designs.


Safe and Esay Handing
Hard to Damage Design
Low Electrical Resistance
Quick and Easy Inspection Procedure
Maintenance Friendly

Anolyte Circulation Systems:

Pre-engineered and factory assembled package systems for circulating anolyte through the Cells (each Cell requires 2 to 3.6 lpm) Includes:

  • Tanks304 SS  or Polypropylene tanks from 120  to 300 Litres.
  • Pump: Sealless Magnetic Drive Polypropylene or CPVC pumps from 40 to 280 lpm with safety features.
  • Conductivity monitor/controller and solenoid valve for deionized water addition.
  • Ultraviolet Rays Bacterial disinfection system prior to discharge. 
  • PN 16 U - PVC anolyte supply piping with flow control valve, check valve, bypass, and SS pressure gauge.
  • Drain valve, low level switch, and anolyte return filter 



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Plating Bath-Metal Recovery


Chromic Acid Bath Purification

Chromic acid baths are used in metal working plants for plating and passivation of metal surfaces. A typical spent chromium plating bath contains about 300 g/L of chrmic acid and 25 g/L of Cu+2, Fe+3 and Cr+3 cause of the the dissolution of a small amount of the metal piece being plated results in high current densities, decreased bright range,increased tendency to burn, rough and pitted deposits. Even chromic baths used for aluminum are also can be treated cause they are having concentration  of 100 g CrO3/L and 10 g Al2O3/L. This baths treated with ion exchange systems will have longer running life results in overall economic of the plant.

Chromic Acid Rinse Water Recycle

These rinse water contain about 20 to 200 ppm of chromates with metal impurities(Cu+2, Fe+3 and Cr+3) at 5 to 50 ppm levels. This chromic is recovered with ion exchange system to get it back to the main plating bath while effluents are converted into clean demineralized water which will be taken back to the  rinsing tank.

Nickel & Copper Recovery 

In all plating shops where Ni & Cu plating is carried out, these is wasted in terms of rinse and waste water. The concentration of these metals can be found in the ppm level to gms level for different industries in generally acidic forms. This are treated to take the metal back to the main plating bath. 

Precious Metal Recovery

The high price of noble or precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver makes a high dent to the economic of such plants. Systems are very small and compact in design with high efficiency to reduce the leakage to ppt levels. The matal is then recoverd by incineration in powder form.

Spent Pickling Bath Purification

The hydrochloric acid used for the pickling process gets contaminated with Fe2+ and Zn2+ .At these chloride concentrations Zn2+ forms anionic complexe, ZnCl4. Iron(Fe2+) forms such complexes but at very high HCl concentrations (>9N) while Fe3+ forms such complexes at 1.5 N HCl. The  purification process will be double benefit since it produces ferric chloride which can be used for waste water treatment and HCl is recovered for bath.



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Waste Water Treatment Plants


Equalization & Neutralization 

The addition of an EQ tank results in a steady, even, and consistent flow of wastewater throughout the system and effluent generally acidic are neutralized with caustic.

Precipitation & Coagulation

The ionic metals are converted to an insoluble form (particle) by the chemical reaction between the soluble metal compounds and the precipitating reagent.


The wastewater with it’s precipitated pin floc is introduced to the flash mix zone where a polymer flocculent is added.

Clarifier, Inclined Plate:

The flocculated wastewater is introduced into the clarifier where the settling particles land on the inclined plates and are directed downward and into the sludge chamber. 

Filter Press

The thickened clarifier sludge is allowed to accumulate sufficiently to provide a full batch for the Filter Press.  The filter press is pumped full of the sludge until it is full.

Sand/Carbon Filter

The water to be discharged finallly goes thru these filters which makes final effluent colorless, odourless, free from any organics with very low amount of suspended solids.

Typical industries include:

  • Electroplating shops, captive or independent
  • Automotive suppliers, trucks, motorcycles etc – Metal to rubber suspension and body parts
  • Jewelry mfg
  • Machine tool mfg.
  • Metal forming such as stamped metal parts that require plating of various types. 
  • Building materials, cadmium plated nuts, bolts etc.  .
  • Aerospace
  • Wire forming - nails, screws etc
  • Appliance makers
  • Electronics – gold and silver plating of electrical connectors etc.



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Cartridge-Bag Filtration


A device made of housing and a removable cartridge (element) for fluid filtration. Elements can be cleanable and reusable or disposable.

Cartridges is a medium due to which filtration happens & Cartridge Filter Housing is a structure in which cartridge gets placed. Both Comes in different types. 



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Sand-Carbon Filtration


Sand filtration is one of the oldest wastewater treatment technologies known. If properly designed, constructed, operated and maintained, a sand filter produces a very high quality effluent. Sand filters are beds of granular material, or sand, drained from underneath so that pretreated water and wastewater can be treated, collected and distributed to the land application system. 

Carbon filters uses Granular activated charcoal, is made from raw materials (such as coconut shells or coal) that are high in carbon. Heat is used to increase (activate) the surface area of the carbon; this is why these filters are sometimes referred to as “charcoal” filters.

The activated carbon removes Colours, Bad Odours, Dissolved Organic impurities and other chemicals that are dissolved in water passing through a filter containing GAC by trapping the chemical in the GAC. However, other chemicals, like sodium or nitrate, are not attracted to the carbon and are not removed. Eventually, the ability of the GAC to bind and remove chemicals is used up and new, or regenerated, GAC is needed.

The Sand and Carbon Filters are used individually or in combinations for below applications:

  • Pretreatment of R.O./D.M./U.F./Softener
  • Posttreatment of Waste Water before Discharge
  • Municipal Water Filtration
  • Industrial Water Purification
  • Chemical Purification



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Ced Ultra Filters


System Includes

  1. Membranes : 4” & 8” High Flow PVDF
  2. Membrane Housings: High Grade PVC/ SS
  3. Automation :Control Panel with/without PLC
  4. Pumping: Feed/Cleaning Pressure Pumps
  5. CIP : ‘Cleaning In Place’ PP Tank for Membrane
  6. Filtration: Bag Filters – S.S./PP Fabricated
  7. Monitors: Pressure Monitors – Glycerin Filled
  8. Flow Monitors - Digital & Rotameter
  9. Switches: Pressure Switches
  10. Level Switches
  11. Piping: Std PVC/ PVC-U - +George Fischer+ or Equivalent
  12. Stainless Steel - Fabricated.
  13. Frame : S.S./ M.S. Powder Coated 


System Construction

       We designs systems to produce 10 lpm (2.5 gpm) +/- 10% from each  8” (8040) UF element. The system is manufactured to provide reliable, steady long-term performance, the customer avoids the frustration of unexpected system performance after start-up. Our systems are robust — an element can be taken off line for cleaning, replacement, or “rest” without placing stress on the remaining elements.

Clean In Place (CIP) System

Our CIP has superior design features that make for reliable performance. A Flush and Drain valve is part of the clean return piping, allowing heavier paint solids to flow back to the ED tank and not into the CIP clean tank, thus saving paint solids. A low level switch installed inside the CIP tank will stop the pump when the tank’s liquid level is below minimum tank depth to protect the pump from cavitations. The CIP is included with a solenoid valve also for DI water flow. UF membranes are also protected by a filter bag vessel installed in the CIP piping that removes dirt from the cleaning solution before it flows back into the UF Elements.

Bag Filters 

Our systems include individual bag filters (one filter for each Element),
each with its own isolation valve(s). This is a standard feature with 2 membrane system also. So that bag filters can be serviced without interrupting paint flow to any Element. The use of several bag filters provides a duplex system where filtered paint is always being sent to the UF Elements.


The sturdy powder-coated frame is constructed to support the piping and UF Housings during shipment and operation at your plant.



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Electrophoretic Ultra Filters


Description / Specification of Electrophoretic Ultra Filters

We are involved in offering a wide range of Electrophoretic Ultra Filters to our most valued clients. Our range of these are widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. We offer our range of it at most affordable prices.

We introduce ourselves as an eminent trader and supplier of an extensive array of  Electrophoretic Ultra Filters. Prior to dispatch, our quality controllers run numerous tests on the entire range on various parameters of quality and durability. The offered equipment is manufactured using superior quality components with the aid of sophisticated techniques at the vendors' end. Moreover, our precious clients can purchase it in different technical specifications at reasonable price from us within promised time frame.

  1. Sturdy design
  2. Highly durable
  3. Application specific design 



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Reverse Osmosis


3 Separation Systems is water treatment plant manufacturing organization dedicated to offer customers the superior commercial, industrial and medical reverse osmosis systems. Our goal is to provide the most advanced system with proven components, better engineered and tailor made for each & individual clients. Our experience enables us to manufacture major items in-house to ensure system reliability and a proven product you can trust. 


System Includes

  • 4” & 8” Composite Polymer High Flow Membranes
  • Pretreatment – Sand/Carbon/Softener*
  • Posttreatment – Demineralization/EDI
  • Control Panel with PLC
  • Feed & High Pressure Pumps
  • Cartridge/ Bag Filters
  • Pressure Monitors
  • Flow Monitors
  • Feed/ Booster Pumps
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • Pressure Switches
  • Conductivity/Level Controller
  • S.S./ M.S. Powder Coated Frame
  • Std PVC/ PVC-U/ S.S. Piping


  • Configuration: Spiral Wound Membranes
  • Operating Process: Single Stage/Recycling/Openflow
  • Recovery : Upto 60%
  • Operating Temperature : < 40 C                                                                   
  • Operating Pressure: 8 – 15 Bar
  • Flow Rate: Upto 25 M3/Hr
  • Product Turbidity: ≤ 0.1 NTU



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Each plant for the production of demineralized water is custom made whether it is 100 lph or 15M3/Hr. Every plant idesigned is based on the following parameters.

  • Raw Water Analysis
  • Quality of Product Water
  • Production of DM water per hour
  • Regeneration period
  • Automation & Controls

All systems are pretested, validated, compact and ready to use.



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