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Ultrafine Natural Silica
Vaporsil T

VAPORSIL T - is an ultra fine micronized silica which is naturally bright white, low in moisture, and chemically very pure.

VAPORSIL T processing techniques assure controlled particle size distribution, which means elimination of excessive coarse and fine particles. These properties, combine with inertness in all types of paints and coatings.

  • Key Benefits
  • •  Imparts exterior durability.
  • •  Enhance burnish resistance.
  • •  Enhance abrasion and scrub resistance.
  • •  Gloss and angular sheen resistant.
  • •  Inert and acid resistant.
  • •  Easily dispersible
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ADDRESS : 347, Gidc Industrial Estate
waghodia, Vadodara-391760 (Gujarat)

Contact : Dipesh Goyal, Bharat Joshi

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WEBSITE : www.goldenpages.in/20microns
Contact Person :
Dipesh Goyal
Bharat Joshi

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