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White Pigment Opacifier

Lithomer® is an inspiriting innovation as white pigment opacifier attained by means of co-precipitation under special controlled post production treatment. This treatment results into ultrafine particle size distribution, which is typical of this product and is also optimally adjusted for optical rheological properties.


Lithomer® – white pigments relative scattering, high lightness, neutral white colour and it diffuse reflectance enable paint & coating producers to save costs via partial replacement of TiO2 with high gloss. 

As a white pigment opacifier, Lithomer® is extensively used for solvent base coating and powder coating.


LITHOMER® – white pigment relative scattering, high lightness, neutral white color and it diffuse reflectance enable white master batches producers to save costs via partial replacement of TiO2 & Polymers. White master batch consisting of 50% TiO2 & 25% LITHOMER can achieve the same hiding power as batches consisting of 60% TiO2.

In addition, the elongation of PE films can also be raised, and the impact strength of many thermoplastics (e.g.PP and ABS) improved, by using LITHOMER.


LITHOMER® – white pigments relative scattering, high lightness, neutral white color and it diffuse reflectance enable colour rubber compound producers to save costs via partial replacement (30-40%) of TiO2 & Polymers. In addition, LITHOMER® improves the mechanical properties of rubber components.

  • Key Benefits
  • •  -10
  • •  High coating gloss with film clarity
  • •  Excellent dispersibility with exceptional coverage
  • •  Resistance to yellowing
  • •  Cost efficiency
  • •  Haze free coating film
  • •  Cost efficient optical properties
  • •  Gloss with brilliance
  • •  Lacing Resistance
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Synthetic Aluminium Silicate

Megasil ZX

MEGASIL-ZX is Synthetic Sodium Magnesium Aluminum Silicate derived from coprecipitating Silicate under controlled condition. MEGASIL-ZX improves opacity and printability of paper on account of its high scattering coefficient by generating interface between air, MEGASIL-ZX particle and fibers of paper. The porous nature of MEGASIL-ZX particles tends to increase the bulk and rigidity of paper. Due to strong resistance to acid and acidic pH, MEGASIL-ZX permits problem free process even in an acid sizing process.

MEGASIL-50 H is engineered Magnesium Aluminum Silicate derived from coprecipitating Silicate under controlled condition. MEGASIL- 50 H improves Brightness, Opacity, and Printability of board on account of its high powder brightness and scattering power. Fine particle size improves the smoothness of the board.

Alsil - ZX Series

New generation synthetic aluminium silicate pigment – Alsil ZX is developed specifically for coating industry to act as a spacer for Titanium Dioxide. Alsil ZX, a white opacifier pigment extender, helps to disperse or spaces prime pigment and enhance optical / scattering efficiency with sheen and provide micro-homogeneity of the paint film. Snow white colour of Alsil ZX imparts high brightness, excellent white shade.

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Flash Calcined Clay And Kaolin
Hypermat - Matt Opacifier

HYPER MAT is a thermo-optic aluminum silicates, produced by special calcination through induction of fine hydrous clay into the vortex of steam of hot gas. Within few seconds the material is dehydrated, the result of this special calcination process produced a novel particle structure which is having internal gaseous cavities and particles become amorphous in nature rather than the platy shape associated with kaolin.

Opacity is derived from internal voids of HYPERMAT which increase light scattering ability as well as the reduce specific gravity.

  • Key Benefits
  • •  Extra ordinary matt hiding
  • •  Substantial reduction of TiO₂
  • •  Flatting efficiency
  • •  Improved film properties
  • •  Lower specific gravity
  • •  Replacement of synthetic aluminium silicate
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Flatting And Matting Amorphous Aluminosilicate

VAPORMAT - multi-functional extender to offer a new solution to rationalise raw material while achieving cost reduction.Due to its specific porous microstructure and fine particle size of VAPORMAT traps air voids which will act as tiny deflecting mirror, to aid quality critical light scattering to properties for opacity and matting power advantage in the interior or exterior paints formulation and it guarantees high colour intensities.

  • Key Benefits
  • •  Excellent matting effect
  • •  Excellent opacifier
  • •  Film permeability control
  • •  Low bulk and specific density
  • •  Good burnish and scrub resistance
  • •  Reduce thickener requirement
  • •  Faster dry-to-touch time
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Speciality Matting Silica
FMSIL® 412

Speciality Matting Silica – High Profile Matting Agent

FMSIL® 412 is high performance speciality silica and matting agent developed for variety of applications in paints and coatings to achieve a fine matt finish. FMSIL® 412 allows exceptional surface characteristic with excellent slip effect, FMSIL® 412 has outstanding suspension behavior and suitable for use in clear coats and also use in pigmented coatings.

  • Key Benefits
  • •  Excellent matting efficiency
  • •  Very good anti setting behavior
  • •  Easy dispersibility
  • •  Excellent film clarity
  • •  Superior surface smoothness
  • •  Range of sheen / gloss balance
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Polyethylene Matt Wax

 – High performance Matt Wax for Coating

Fastflow P/S – Low Molecular Polyethylene Wax is used as a matting wax and processing aid for hard to disperse pigments. This matt wax is also used as fillers in powder coatings, paints and printing ink. Fastflow P/S matt wax provides lubricity and increases the processing capability of the extruder to i ts optimum level of performance. Fast Flow P/S, a low density polyethylene wax increases the surface protection and scratch resistance.


  • 1.  Decrease your Filtration Pressure Index at higher loading of functional fillers.
  • 2.  Improves the MFI of your Master batch / Compounds.
  • 3.  Improves the dispersion of Hard to disperse pigment in color master batches.
  • 4.  Provides Distributive and Dispersive mixing of your final batch in the extruder.
  • 5.  Sparingly soluble in PVC, which result as a pronounced external lubricant effect.
  • 6.  Used as an external lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC. It prevents the melt from adhering to the hot metal surface or processing machinery and decomposing.
  • 7.  Improves flow, easy process, gloss, smoothness and water repellency of PVC surface.
  • 8.  Improves in mechanical properties specially impact strength.
  • 9.  Fast Flow-P in PVC Cable and PVC Cable Compound increase gloss, die electric (Insulation) properties.


  • 1.  Sparingly soluble in PVC, which result as a pronounced external lubricant effect.
  • 2.  Used as an external lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC. It prevents the melt from adhering to the hot metal surface or processing machinery and decomposing
  • 3.  Improves flow, easy process, gloss, smoothness and water repellency of PVC surface.
  • 4.  Improves in mechanical properties specially impact strength .
  • 5.  Fast Flow-S in PVC cable and PVC cable compound increase gloss, die electric (insulation) properties and Production yield.


  • 1.  FAST FLOW-S use as a processing aid for natural and synthetic rubber which provides pronounced lubricant effect.
  • 2.  FAST FLOW-S lower the tack of the rubber compound specially for chlorinated ubber.
  • 3.  Improves the rheological properties of injection molded and calendaring rubber.
  • 4.  Imparts water - Repellant finish.
  • 5.  Prevents shrinking and chalking specially for rubber mix and vulcanized rubber.
  • 6.  Provides better dispersion of pigment and filler in rubber mix.
  • 7.  Provides resistance to UV light and weathering.


Lubrication with polyethylene waxes - Fastflow P/S enable processors to run at higher through put rate. Even low dosages of Fastflow P wax create matting effect.

  • Key Benefits
  • •  1
  • •  Provides Matting and Gloss control
  • •  JcH9A3
  • •  JcH9A3
  • •  http://tgerxwuablcn.com/
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Ultrafine Natural Silica
Vaporsil T

VAPORSIL T - is an ultra fine micronized silica which is naturally bright white, low in moisture, and chemically very pure.

VAPORSIL T processing techniques assure controlled particle size distribution, which means elimination of excessive coarse and fine particles. These properties, combine with inertness in all types of paints and coatings.

  • Key Benefits
  • •  Imparts exterior durability.
  • •  Enhance burnish resistance.
  • •  Enhance abrasion and scrub resistance.
  • •  Gloss and angular sheen resistant.
  • •  Inert and acid resistant.
  • •  Easily dispersible
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Flame Retardant And Smoke Suppressant


MAG – FRTM is a flame retardant with high purity magnesium hydroxide. It is a halogen free flame retardant material for Low smoke, FR in cable compounding & sheet molding application and for electronic and high tech applications where flame retardance and durability are primary concerns. Main benefit of MAG – FRTM asflame retardant treatment is during the decomposition process, no toxic or corrosive gases are generated. The surface treatment increases compatibility of the filler and polymer, which improves the mechanical properties of the compound.



AL FR is produced by exceptional engineered production process. It works on the basis of heat sinking and endothermic dehydration characteristics that enable alumina trihydrate to retard the burning of polymers. AL FR releases about 35% of its weight in the form of steam at approximately 220°c (428°f) and provides flame retardant coatings. The water vapor released quenches the surface of surrounding materials while restricting the access of oxygen to the burning polymer and combustible and potentially toxic off-gases are also diluted by this water vapor. AL FR also improves the Arc-track resistance in electric composites by absorbing generated heat; due to the endothermic dehydration water vapor slows the surface degradation of the polymer and the resultant formation of the carbonized film or track.

The quantity of AL FR added to the organic matrix depends on the required flame retardance, the properties of the end products and the cost of the mixtures. AL FR is better for environmental compliances as it contains no halogens or heavy metal and replaces more expensive flame retardant chemicals based on antimony metal or chlorinated and brominated (halogenated) compounds.

Key Benefits :

Flame Retardance

  • 1.  Alternative to halogens.
  • 2.  Heat removal and smoke suppressant through water vapor generation
  • 3.  Char Formation.

Functional Performance

  • 1.  Physical property attributes.
  • 2.  Corrosive environment application
  • 3.  Thermal conductivity (thermal stress).
  • 4.  High whiteness and brightness with translucency.


  • 1.  Better wet out, higher loading levels.
  • 2.  Improved performance through better reinforcement.
  • 3.  Lower resin demand.
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Sub Microns Hydrous Clay And Kaolin

Description / Specification of Sub Microns Hydrous Clay And Kaolin

We are involved in offering a wide range of Sub Microns Hydrous Clay And Kaolin to our most valued clients. Our range of these are widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. We offer our range of it at most affordable prices.

We introduce ourselves as an eminent trader and supplier of an extensive array of  Sub Microns Hydrous Clay And Kaolin. Prior to dispatch, our quality controllers run numerous tests on the entire range on various parameters of quality and durability. The offered equipment is manufactured using superior quality components with the aid of sophisticated techniques at the vendors' end. Moreover, our precious clients can purchase it in different technical specifications at reasonable price from us within promised time frame.

Sturdy design
Highly durable
Application specific design 


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ADDRESS : 347, Gidc Industrial Estate
waghodia, Vadodara-391760 (Gujarat)

Contact : Dipesh Goyal, Bharat Joshi

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Dipesh Goyal
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